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Industry / Mining Training Courses

Industry / Mining Training Courses Offered

As a corporate client your training needs are far different to the general public and we are fully aware of this, so we have a number courses which are tailored for not only 4WD, but off highway (gravel/ dirt roads) driving.
Our accredited courses cover appropriate units of competency from the
Sport Recreation & Outdoor, Transport & Distribution and Public Safety training packages, depending upon the level of training required.
can share a number of vehicles, each driver would be given ample practical experience. The course is designed to be very practical and hands on.
A written assessment is conducted in the afternoon with emphasis on OH&S and environmental principals.

Being a competency based training assessment will take two forms:
Observational - Trainees will be assessed as “Competent” or “Not Competent” by qualified workplace assessors
Cognitive - A written assessment (short answers) will be conducted on the last day of each training package
Our Instructors come to your location for any of our courses, this enables you to mix & match different courses and save on costs.

Courses Offered:

Code                    Title

AURTGA001           Drive and manoeuvre trailers

FWPFGM3214        Operate a four wheel drive in a towing situation

Defensive Driving
RIIVEH201D                Operate light vehicle (Industry / Mining) 
TLIC3036                    Apply safe car driving behaviours
PMASUP236              Operate vehicles in the field
(Santos requirement)

4WD –Basic

RIIVEH305E        Operate and maintain a four-wheel drive vehicle (Industry / Mining) 
SISODRV302A    Drive and recover a 4WD vehicle
TLIC2025            Operate four wheel drive vehicle
PMASUP236      Operate vehicles in the field
(Santos requirement)

AWD/4WD on gravel roads
SISODRV201A    Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads – Light 4WD/AWD use

4WD Advanced          Prerequisite SISODRV302A
SISODRV404A           Drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain
SISODRV405A           Coordinate recovery of 4WD vehicles
FWPFGM3215           Perform complex 4x4 operations

Operational (Lights and Sirens)
PUAVEH001              Drive vehicles under operational conditions

FWPCOT2239             Trim and cut felled trees
FWPCOT2237             Maintain chainsaws


Vehicles and Equipment
As our training packages are competency based, emphasis is given to practical driving skills, therefore it would be beneficial for trainees to share a variety of company vehicles. 
Experiencing each vehicle type
in a controlled environment will better prepare a driver for safe operation of the vehicle in an emergency situation.
Vehicles should be provided by your organisation and be supplied with the equipment that a driver would normally expect to find so they can be instructed in the correct use and management of that equipment.

Follow Me 4WD will supply a variety of recovery equipment found on the market so company staff  will become familiar with this equipment.


For more information about these course and other services we provide, please click here to contact us

 Training conducted in partnership with Getabout Training Services RTO 90547


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